Colton Dixon


        Colton Dixon is on his second album now and the quality keeps coming. I remember watching American idol the year before he was a top ten finalist and he didn't make the top 24 and I was surprised at the time because he clearly had real Rock Star potential. The next year he could have won, but left at 7th place. He performed lady gagas song Bad Romance and afterwards admitted his mistake. It is a creapy song. He lost the Christian vote and he knew it.

        Yet he's come a long way from there to make another fine Christian album. His first album won best rock album of the year at the Christian (Dove) music awards. I really like how he has a short clip from one of billy Graham's sermons on one song and a line from a speech by Ronald Reagan repeated on another song. These are very clever additions to a strong album. It's not super overt in its Christian message except on the song "Dare to Believe" which is basically the whole gospel message in one song.

        Colton it turns out is like a lot of us having a love for God, but a tendency to go towards the world, but then repenting. Repentance is really the key to the Christian life. We will mess up, but when we do we need to ask God for forgiveness and he will give it as we choose to live for Him. Life isn't easy and it isn't really supposed to be and Colton Dixon has passed the test on this record. I give anchor a 9 out of 10!